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CoCoPup London

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    CoCoPup London Mocha Dog Walking Bag

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    Elevate your dog walking routine with the CoCoPup London premium mocha dog walking bag. Eliminate the hassle of tangled poop bags and messy treats...

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Discover Cocopup, the brainchild of the creators behind the renowned Coconut Lane brand. Founded in 2015 by dynamic duo, Charlie and Jess, Coconut Lane gained recognition for its trendy, Instagram-worthy designs. But the Cocopup story began a little differently, inspired by a shared passion: their love for dogs.

During the 2020 lockdown, as dog enthusiasts, Charlie and Jess welcomed a mischievous Cavachon pup, Ralph, into their lives. While there was no shortage of canine accessories in the market, they noticed a gap: matching accessories for pet parents and their furry friends.

While brainstorming for Coconut Lane’s next product line, amidst the playful chaos of Ralph tearing up cardboard in the office, a lightbulb moment occurred. Why not design matching accessories for dogs and their owners? And just like that, Cocopup was conceived, marking the beginning of a delightful journey.

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