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Dog Harness & Collar Fitting Guide

Before you embark on your shopping journey at LovelyPup, we want to ensure that you're equipped with the right information to make the best choices for your furry friend. When it comes to buying a harness or dog collar, the perfect fit is everything. That's why we've put together a simple guide on how to measure your dog to ensure the accessories you choose are just right.

How to Measure Your Dog for a Harness

  1. Chest Girth: This is the most crucial measurement. You'll want to measure around the widest part of your dog's chest, right behind their front legs. The tape should be snug but not tight.

  2. Neck Size: Next, measure around the base of your dog's neck.

  3. Weight: While not a precise indicator of size, your dog's weight can help if they fall in between sizes.

How to Measure Your Dog for a Collar

  1. Neck Size: Position the measuring tape around your dog's neck where the collar usually sits.

  2. Add Extra Length: Note your dog's neck size and then add one to two inches to that number.

Remember, after putting on the collar, you should be able to comfortably slide two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

Shop with Confidence at LovelyPup

With these measurements in hand, you're ready to explore our wide selection of dog harnesses and collars. At LovelyPup, we stock a diverse range of dog accessories for all breeds, shapes, and sizes. Whether you're looking for a stylish collar, a sturdy harness, or a comfortable leash, we have got you covered.

We know that every dog is unique, and that's why we offer personalized assistance to help you find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Our dedicated team is always ready to answer any questions and guide you through the process.

Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience at LovelyPup, where we prioritize your pet's comfort and safety. Measure, choose, and let us help you make your dog's day a little bit brighter. Shop now!

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